The Conscious Parenting Notebook


As many first-time parents, I had a lot more questions than answers when it came to caring for my daughter, so I turned to parenting books. Before she was born, I consulted books on pregnancy and birth preparation. After she was born, I regularly sought out the advice and consolation of Baby 411 and other newborn health guides. Sometime during her first year, I turned to books on self-care and finding happiness in motherhood. Around her 18th month, I began compiling books on positive discipline. Soon after her second birthday, I discovered and devoured a whole genre of books devoted to “spirited” children. As she continued to grow, I turned to books on happy families, responsible preschoolers and how to raise happy, caring children. Throughout these years, I joined online support groups for mothers, attended online parenting conferences and read countless posts, newsletters and ebooks for support on my parenting journey.Through all of these sources, I gained a lot of valuable insight and information, but I found that the positive effects of all of this information were only short-lived and soon I’d be back to questioning my parenting, searching for answers and wondering if I’d ever get it right.

Finally, I decided to compile all of the information I’d gained from my research in a notebook and begin to relate it to my own life and my own child. I wrote lists, notes, stories, mantras, inspirations, memories, advice to follow – anything that would help me to retain, or regain, a positive parenting perspective and to be a better mother. As I refined and utilized the information in my notebook, I began to notice a change in my parenting and in my relationship to my children. As I returned to it on a daily basis, I found myself more inspired, more motivated and more grateful in my parenting. When I realized it’s benefit, I thought that perhaps a similar notebook could help other parents on their own parenting journeys. … The Conscious Parenting Notebook was formed.


The Conscious Parenting Notebook is designed to be an organic document that grows along with parents on their parenting journeys. It is divided into four sections: Caring for Yourself, Your Parenting Perspective, Caring for Your Child and Resources. Each section contains  opportunities for thoughtful consideration and reflection on various aspects of your life in these areas. The Conscious Parenting Notebook isn’t a book of advice, but rather a place for you to collect ideas, advice and inspiration that reflect your unique family, child and parenting style and to return to in times when you need them the most. It is a parenting tool to inspire you to parent, and live, more consciously, and to gain more control of your thoughts and behaviors and more awareness of what you and your family need.  Taking the time, when you can, to work through the exercises, make the lists, and write the letters, will help you to create a unique parenting resource designed specifically for your family. The Conscious Parenting Notebook can be printed out and placed in a three-ring binder, or the exercises can be copied into a blank book or virtual document of your choice. The more of yourself that you put into your Conscious Parenting Notebook, the more useful it will be. It is my hope that it will be as useful and transformational for you as it was (and continues to be) for me.


“As the parent of a high-needs child, I’ve learned all too well how important it is to be purposeful in my approach to not only my child, but to myself, and the Conscious Parenting Notebook is the perfect tool for the job! Sometimes we can get in our own head a little too much, wrapped up in the anxieties of parenthood, so the exercises in this notebook allow you to gain clarity on the important aspects of self-care and your relationship with your child. I think this book is a wonderful tool and I know I will return to it again and again!”

– Paige Golden

“Rather than providing rules or instructions for raising children, “The Conscious Parenting Notebook” invites parents to become more mindful of their own interactions with and reactions to their children. Full of thoughtful and well-organized exercises, the notebook will help you to work out your own parenting expectations, values, and limiting beliefs, while helping you better understand the your child’s personality and temperament and how they complement your own. Written in a positive and accepting manner and full of useful anecdotes from the author’s own parenting experience, the Notebook will not only help you to gain a more thorough knowledge of your children, but will better equip you to accept their individual needs (and your own!).

I highly recommend “The Conscious Parenting Notebook” for parents who want to be open-hearted, open-minded, and truly present and engaged in parenting. I found it helped me to refine my own beliefs about parenting and to remind me that my own son is his own little person, not only a reflection of myself. This notebook will help you to become the parent you really want to be for your child.”

– Erica Stillwell, Mother and Special Education Instructor



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