About A More Conscious Life


A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation. – Neale Donald Walsch

Conscious living, or mindful living, is to be aware of the moment you are in when you are in it, rather than worrying about the future or ruminating about the past. This is often easier said than done. Our brains are wired to run on autopilot, a function that allows us to learn skills necessary for survival and to perform them without conscious thought. Trying to live in the moment can feel like swimming upstream against a torrent of involuntary thoughts. But when it happens, it is worth it.

When we live unconsciously, we react, rather than respond. We make choices based on habit or routine rather than thoughtful consideration. We go through the motions, acting out predetermined patterns of behavior, sleep-walking through our lives. Over the years our habits, routines and reactions often become automatic. We live without thinking about why we are living the way we are living. Living this way can lead to unhappiness, when you find yourself stuck in a job you don’t enjoy anymore, living in a situation that no longer allows you to grow, continuing habits that negatively affect your life or your health or simply living in a state of discontent without knowing why. Living consciously, or even trying to live more consciously, can change this.

Conscious living does not necessarily subscribe to any specific way of living, but is specific to each individual, because to be conscious is to choose the way you want to live. My conscious living journey has led me to try to lead a simpler, more natural life. It has led me to question behaviors that are out of line with my values and try to change them. I am not anywhere near where I want to be on this journey, but luckily for me, this journey is made up of moments and every moment is another opportunity to begin again, to pay attention, to be present, to learn and to grow.

In these pages, you’ll find musings, questions, conversations on living a more conscious life in the areas of conscious parenting, simple living, natural living, creative living and global consciousness. I hope you will join my conversations and that we can learn and grow together, toward a more conscious life.

Thank you for reading.


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