Conscious Parenting Notebook – Introduction

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We are the windows through which our children first see the world. Let us be conscious of the view. – Katrina Kenison

As many of you know from reading A More Conscious Life, one of my areas of focus is on being a more conscious parent. As with the rest of my life, when I am more conscious of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day, I much kinder, gentler and more responsive to my self and my children. But parenting consciously isn’t easy. For me to parenting this way, I need a lot of help.

Since I have been a parent, I have read as many parenting books as I could get my hands on, enrolled in online parenting courses, listened to parenting webinars and subscribed to parenting blogs. My parenting philosophy has always had a positive, attachment leaning, so I looked for insight and advice in the areas of positive, mindful and conscious parenting. I found tips and tools to use to help us through difficult times or read inspirational mantras that I was determined to use when I most needed them. Yet, once a book, blog post or interview was finished, I would promptly forget most of what I heard or read. The book might come up in a conversation online or be recommended by a friend and I would remember that I had read it and liked it, but I hadn’t absorbed, or utilized, the information like I had hoped.

When I realized what was happening, I began taking notes. I dog-eared pages, I highlighted text, I filled pages of notebooks with ideas, mantras and inspirations. Once I had gathered a lot of useful information, I compiled it into a small notebook where it was more accessible when I really needed it. As I returned to my parenting notebook, it became more and more unique to my daughter. In using it, I found myself more aware of who she was as a child and what parenting techniques worked best, not in general, but for my unique child. I was finally really learning, applying what I learned and modifying it until it became my own – and I watched my relationship with my daughter blossom. The more I became consciously aware of what I needed as a parent and what my daughter needed as the unique being she is, the more I became the parent I really wanted to be, for the child that I have.

Being part of online forums for spirited children or positive-parenting-leaning parents, made me realize that what was working for me, with my daughter, might help other parents. In lives that can be increasingly busy and disconnected, I thought that my research could be a resource to help others feel more attuned to their children and their own needs as parents. I knew that the books I read and the advice I highlighted wouldn’t be the same that other parents would, but that perhaps they could use the same framework to create a unique parenting guide for their family. And so I created The Conscious Parenting Notebook.

There are a lot of wonderful resources available on Conscious or Mindful Parenting. The Conscious Parenting Notebook is not meant to join them as an equal, but more of a companion on the journey. It isn’t a book of advice, but rather a compilation of exercises, stories, prompts, and useful links to help you create your own unique conscious parenting resource to reflect the history, culture, values and realities of your unique family. I have found that, what is most important on the journey towards being a more conscious parent is a desire to be conscious and a regular reflection and awareness of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions and the impacts they have on yourself and  your family. The Conscious Parenting Notebook is a space for you to do just that.

To learn more, purchase your own copy or view a sample selection, please visit The Conscious Parenting Notebook page. I’m looking forward to sharing The Conscious Parenting Notebook with others and hearing if it was as useful and inspiration to you as it continues to be for me.

Thanks for reading!

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