In the Beginning…


              A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao-Tzu
I had the idea for this blog a year ago. It would be a way for me to record my journey towards a way of more conscious living, a place to connect with others on a similar path, a vehicle for learning and growth on all things conscious, a page where I could hold myself accountable. Now a year later, I’ve still been putting off taking the first step. I made lists of things to do before I post – take more pictures, read other blogs, master WordPress formatting, find more inspirational quotes – and told myself that I must do all of these things before I begin. Yet, if I’m honest with myself – and my potential future readers – what is really keeping my words off the page is fear: fear that no one will read what I write, fear that someone will (and not like what they read), fear that because I’m not living every moment, or even most, consciously, that I have no right to write a blog on living consciously, fear that I will start and fail to keep it up. There are so many things to fear, but if living consciously is about becoming more aware of what is, the I guess admitting to, and owning, the fear is part of the process. So I’m scared, but I’m here. Finally.
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